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Auto Subscription RDP Client for AVD / W365 via Intune


In this article we will take a look at the topic around the AutoSubscription function. This can be very exciting for IT infrastructures such as AVD or Windows 365. In a nutshell, this feature automatically inserts the correct Subscription URL in the remote desktop client so that the user does not have to do this manually.

What’s AutoSubscription in RDP Client?

With the help of the AutoSubscription function, exactly the right URL can be assigned to all devices, e.g. for the business AVD infrastructure or other services.

When the policy is deployed via Intune and the user opens the Remote Desktop Client for the first time, the following message appears. This means that the AutoSubscription is successfully executed.


  • Administrative rights within Microsoft Intune
  • Devices with the Remote Desktop Client preinstalled
  • Users licenced for Microsoft Intune
  • Users licenced for AVD and \ or W365

Note: If the end-user has MFA in place to access AVD sessions then at the launch of the Remote Desktop Client, the end-user would be prompted for MFA.

How to Setup the Configuration on your Devices?

There are the following two ways to create the policy in the Intune portal. (

Configuration Policy

The first and probably most popular method is via Device Configuration Profile.

In the Settings Picker search for Remote Desktop category.

Select the Auto-subscription setting and configure it. For AVD use:

Now the configuration can finished and assigned to a user group. Once again, the Remote Desktop application should already be installed on the devices.


The somewhat complicated but also simple option is an OMA URI custom directive.

Add an OMA URI entry with the following values.


The complete overview is very well described on the Microsoft website here.


In summary, the function is very useful and should certainly used when the IT infrastructure has services, machines, etc. from AVD. Another future point can be the Windows 365 machines. From my point of view, the feature is definitely to used, it saves administrative effort.

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