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Exploring the Power of Azure AI Studio and Azure Open AI

29. February 2024

Introduction In today’s digital landscape, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is crucial for businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge. Azure AI Studio and Azure Open AI offer powerful tools and services that enable developers and data scientists to build, deploy, and manage AI solutions with ease. These…

Auto Subscription RDP Client for AVD / W365 via Intune

15. March 2023

Introduction In this article we will take a look at the topic around the AutoSubscription function. This can be very exciting for IT infrastructures such as AVD or Windows 365. In a nutshell, this feature automatically inserts the correct Subscription URL in the remote desktop client so that the user…

Most Used Powershell Modules in 2023 as a Cloud Engineer

2. March 2023

Introduction PowerShell is a powerful scripting language that has become a popular choice for cloud engineers due to its ability to automate tasks and manage cloud infrastructure. PowerShell modules are collections of pre-built commands that can be easily used to automate common tasks, making the life of a cloud engineer…

Set ASR Rules for Azure VM’s

8. February 2023

ASR Rules Defender Recommendations In the Microsoft 365 Defender Recommendations, there are some security controls about Attack Surface Reduction (ASR). It is highly recommended to implement these security measures, which can be seen in the Impact Score. You must also set ASR Rules for Azure VM’s. But what exactly are…

Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Azure [2023]

1. February 2023

The Best Visual Studio Code Extensions for Azure in 2023 A simple code editor that works well for creating applications in any programming language is called Visual Studio Code (VS Code). You can modify its behavior by installing extensions, and it is quick, frequently updated, and entirely free. Many extensions…

How to Enable ISO27001 in Azure Regulatory Compliance

24. January 2023

Enable ISO27001 in Azure ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is an international standard for information security management that provides a framework for managing sensitive company and customer data in the cloud. Enabling ISO 27001 in Azure Cloud can provide many benefits, such as: Benefits How to Enable ISO27001 on my Azure Subscription The…

AlwaysOnVPN – Change Hostfile via Intune Script Deployment

29. December 2022

What is AlwaysOnVPN with Azure Azure Always On VPN is a feature of Microsoft Azure that allows organizations to securely connect their on-premises networks to Azure and access Azure resources from anywhere. It provides a secure, persistent connection between the on-premises network and Azure, allowing users to access resources on…

Azure AD – Bulk Users Import with Powershell (Special Chars)

29. December 2022

Bulk Users Import with Umlauts Switzerland German, also known as Swiss German or Schwyzerdütsch, is a variety of German spoken in Switzerland. It is a High German language, closely related to standard German, but with a number of distinctive characteristics and dialects. (Bulk Users Import with Powershell) In Switzerland German,…

Azure AD – Clean Up Stale Devices

29. December 2022

What is a Azure AD Stale Device In Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a stale device is a device that has not been used to authenticate with Azure AD for a certain period of time. By default, a device is considered stale if it has not been used to authenticate…

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