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Disable Gmail Sync on Intune managed Devices

Restrict Gmail Sync on Intune Devices

Millions of users around the world use the well-known email service Gmail. Gmail is a popular choice for businesses that need to communicate. You might want to disable Gmail sync on Intune managed devices if your company uses Microsoft Intune to manage devices. If you want to stop data leakage, limit the use of personal email accounts, or adhere to legal requirements, this can be helpful. I walk you through the process of turning off Gmail syncing on devices that are under Intune management in this blog post.

Setup an Intune Device Configuration Profile (OMA-URI)

A new profile can be created in the Endpoint Manager Portal under Device Configuration. The selection here falls on the “Custom” category.

Assign an appropriate name to the policy.

A new entry should now be created in the OMA-Uri Settings. It looks like this.

Name: Restrict Gmail on Windows Devices
Description: Restrict Gmail on Windows Devices
OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Accounts/DomainNamesForEmailSync
Data type: String

 * The string should contain a pipe-separated (|) list of domains that are allowed to sync email on the device. The user will be able to sync the emails from the domains specified in the value field after installing the Windows 10 custom CSP on a Windows device.

Finish the policy with the assignment to all users. The Building about this Policy works with the least privilege principle. This indicates that all domains blocked, with the exception of those listed as released in the Value field.

I found an super Youtube video: Restrict Personal Email Sync On Windows CYOD Devices – Disable Email Sync Corp Device Intune (Anoop C Nair)


Disabling Gmail sync on Intune-managed devices will help you maintain better control over the data in your company and reduce the chance of data leakage. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that email communication within your company is secure and complies with legal requirements.

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