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How to Enable Intune Service Health Notification

Intune Service Health and Message Center

It is important to regularly check the service health and message center for Microsoft Intune because it provides important information about the status of the service, any ongoing maintenance or issues, and any updates or new features.

Additionally, checking the Intune Service Health Notification can help you ensure that your organization’s mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) needs are being met by Intune.

Tenant Issues that require administrative Attention

The Service health and message center page in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center can now display messages for Issues in your environment that require action. These messages are important communications that are sent to a tenant to alert administrators about issues in their environment that might require action to resolve. (Intune Service Release 2301)

Turn on E-Mail Notifications for Microsoft Intune Service

In order to not always have to look in the dashboard, Microsoft offers the possibility to activate an e-mail notification.

However, the activation of the services takes place in the Microsoft Admin Center.

  1. First go to the Microsoft Admin Center -> Health -> Service Health
  2. Click on Customize
  3. Next use the Tab Email
  4. Here you can activate E-Mail Notifications for Microsoft Services
  5. Put in an E-Mail Address
  6. Scroll done to Check on the Microsoft Intune Service (or every Service you want)


In conclusion, monitoring Microsoft Intune’s service health and message center on a regular basis is crucial for your company’s management and upkeep of the service. It assists in making sure the service is functioning properly and offers crucial information about any problems or updates that might have an impact on the service.

In order to stay informed and manage the service pro-actively, it is imporant to frequently check the service health and message center.

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