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How to Troubleshoot Intune Issues

Intune troubleshooting pane update

The Intune Troubleshooting Pane is a useful tool for troubleshooting and resolving issues with Intune, a mobile device management and mobile application management service from Microsoft. It allows you to view detailed information about the status of Intune-managed devices, including connectivity and compliance status, and to perform actions such as remote wipe and remote lock.

Intune Service Release 2301 (generally available)

With the Intune Service Release Microsoft offers the possibility to activate the new Troubleshooting View.

The troubleshooting pane will include the following information:

  • A summary of policy, compliance, and application deployment status.
  • Support for exporting, filtering, and sorting all reports.
  • Support to filter by excluding policies and applications.
  • Support to filter to a user’s single device.
  • Details about available device diagnostics and disabled devices.
  • Details about offline devices that haven’t checked-in to the service for three or more days.

How to enable the Preview Troubleshooting Pane

The new preview feature must first be activated before continuing. It.s now generally available for more information click here.

To activate the Preview, select “Try it now“. This may take several minutes to load; at times, it might be advised to reload the website.

Provide Feedback to improve the Service

For a number of reasons, providing feedback on Microsoft’s Intune preview features is crucial.

  • It aids Microsoft in making improvements to the features: By offering feedback, you can assist Microsoft in determining areas where the feature needs improvement and making adjustments before it is formally released.
  • It enables you to make the most of the feature: By offering feedback, you can make sure that the feature satisfies the requirements of your organization and can be successfully incorporated into your workflow.
  • You can stay informed about new Intune developments and be among the first to utilize cutting-edge functionality by offering feedback on preview features.
  • Feedback from users like you helps Microsoft validate whether the feature functions as intended and satisfies customer needs. This can assist Microsoft in deciding whether or not to release the feature.

In general, offering feedback on preview features is a useful way to influence Intune’s development and make sure that the features released meet your organization’s needs.


Your organization’s devices should be secure and compliant with the help of this, which can help you quickly and easily identify and fix device issues. Additionally, it can help you monitor and report on device usage and status, giving you important insights into mobile devices usage.

Definitely suggested for support technicians is this viewpoint. If the Intune tenant has thousands of devices, it can also be helpful. Visit these posts for more information on Intune.

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