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Network Security Hardening (ICMP) with Microsoft Intune

25. April 2023

Introduction System administrators can perform diagnostics and troubleshooting using the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), which enables Internet hosts to communicate with one another about errors. Some network administrators block all ICMP traffic as a network hardening measure due to historical denial-of-service bugs in flawed ICMP implementations and the fact…

Linux Bash Script Deployment with Intune

11. April 2023

Introduction Since the Intune Service Release 2303 it is now possible to distribute configurations using Linux Bash Script Deployment with Intune. Better too late than not at all, I have dealt with this issue. With the help of the Bash programming language (like PowerShell / Windows), manipulations can made to the…

Auto Subscription RDP Client for AVD / W365 via Intune

15. March 2023

Introduction In this article we will take a look at the topic around the AutoSubscription function. This can be very exciting for IT infrastructures such as AVD or Windows 365. In a nutshell, this feature automatically inserts the correct Subscription URL in the remote desktop client so that the user…

How to Clean-Up your Cloud managed Devices in Intune, Autopilot and AAD

8. March 2023

Introduction I would like to draw your attention once again to the topic of device clean-up of cloud computer objects. It is extremely important that the devices in a Modern Workplace infrastructure are also maintained cleanly, since there is often a dynamic rollout process behind it. To understand the big…

Most Used Powershell Modules in 2023 as a Cloud Engineer

2. March 2023

Introduction PowerShell is a powerful scripting language that has become a popular choice for cloud engineers due to its ability to automate tasks and manage cloud infrastructure. PowerShell modules are collections of pre-built commands that can be easily used to automate common tasks, making the life of a cloud engineer…

Copy Program Folder to all devices using Microsoft Intune

1. March 2023

Introduction Organizations are incorporating new technologies to improve productivity in today’s world of digital transformation. One such innovation is Microsoft’s cloud-based Intune solution for managing PCs and mobile devices. Using a single console, Intune enables IT administrators to manage and secure devices, apps, and data. In this article, we’ll go…

Disable Gmail Sync on Intune managed Devices

21. February 2023

Restrict Gmail Sync on Intune Devices Millions of users around the world use the well-known email service Gmail. Gmail is a popular choice for businesses that need to communicate. You might want to disable Gmail sync on Intune managed devices if your company uses Microsoft Intune to manage devices. If…

How to Deploy Fortigate SSL Deep Inspection Certificate with Microsoft Intune

14. February 2023

What is Fortigate SSL Deep Inspection? Organizations can examine SSL traffic that has been encrypted for malicious activity using the security feature known as SSL Deep Inspection. Fortigate SSL Deep Inspection aims to defend against threats like viruses, spyware, and phishing attempts that might be concealed within encrypted traffic. The…

Intune and Defender 365 – Google Chrome Hardening

13. February 2023

Google Chrome Hardening Guide In order to protect it from potential security risks like malware or unauthorized access to sensitive data, Google Chrome must be hardened. One way to improve the security of the software is to disable (BlockThirdPartyCookies, PasswordManagerEnabled and BackgroundModeEnabled) settings via the registry. We did this already…

Intune and Defender 365 – Adobe Acrobat Reader Hardening

7. February 2023

Adobe Acrobat Reader Hardening Guide In order to protect it from potential security risks like malware or unauthorized access to sensitive data, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC must be hardened. One way to improve the security of the software is to disable JavaScript and Flash settings via the registry. Thus, it…

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