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How to Deploy Foxit PDF Reader with Intune (.msi)

16. April 2024

Introduction Foxit PDF Reader is a versatile tool for viewing, creating, and editing PDF documents. In today’s digital workplace, deploying such essential software efficiently across an organization is crucial. Microsoft Intune offers a powerful solution for managing and deploying applications, including Foxit PDF Reader. In this guide, we’ll walk through…

Two ways to set trusted locations and UNC paths using Intune

14. July 2023

Introduction In this scenario we have the problem that we want to access an SMB file share with an AAD device. This may be the case if you are still dependent on this server in a larger project. It becomes particularly problematic if an application needs to access this share.…

Network Security Hardening (ICMP) with Microsoft Intune

25. April 2023

Introduction System administrators can perform diagnostics and troubleshooting using the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), which enables Internet hosts to communicate with one another about errors. Some network administrators block all ICMP traffic as a network hardening measure due to historical denial-of-service bugs in flawed ICMP implementations and the fact…

Disable Gmail Sync on Intune managed Devices

21. February 2023

Restrict Gmail Sync on Intune Devices Millions of users around the world use the well-known email service Gmail. Gmail is a popular choice for businesses that need to communicate. You might want to disable Gmail sync on Intune managed devices if your company uses Microsoft Intune to manage devices. If…

How to Deploy Fortigate SSL Deep Inspection Certificate with Microsoft Intune

14. February 2023

What is Fortigate SSL Deep Inspection? Organizations can examine SSL traffic that has been encrypted for malicious activity using the security feature known as SSL Deep Inspection. Fortigate SSL Deep Inspection aims to defend against threats like viruses, spyware, and phishing attempts that might be concealed within encrypted traffic. The…

Intune and Defender 365 – Google Chrome Hardening

13. February 2023

Google Chrome Hardening Guide In order to protect it from potential security risks like malware or unauthorized access to sensitive data, Google Chrome must be hardened. One way to improve the security of the software is to disable (BlockThirdPartyCookies, PasswordManagerEnabled and BackgroundModeEnabled) settings via the registry. We did this already…

Set ASR Rules for Azure VM’s

8. February 2023

ASR Rules Defender Recommendations In the Microsoft 365 Defender Recommendations, there are some security controls about Attack Surface Reduction (ASR). It is highly recommended to implement these security measures, which can be seen in the Impact Score. You must also set ASR Rules for Azure VM’s. But what exactly are…

How to Enable ISO27001 in Azure Regulatory Compliance

24. January 2023

Enable ISO27001 in Azure ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is an international standard for information security management that provides a framework for managing sensitive company and customer data in the cloud. Enabling ISO 27001 in Azure Cloud can provide many benefits, such as: Benefits How to Enable ISO27001 on my Azure Subscription The…

How to Monitor Exchange Online Activities with Microsoft 365 Defender

6. January 2023

Microsoft 365 Defender Advanced Hunting Microsoft 365 Defender Advanced Hunting is a cloud-based service that allows you to perform advanced investigations and hunting for threats in your Microsoft 365 environment. With access to a rich set of data sources and advanced search capabilities, you can identify threats that might not…

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